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When may need to consult a psychologist

Novemb. 26 2014

It is known that concepts such as character, temperament yavlyayutsya strictly individual characteristics of the human body, direct manifestations of his psyche. In turn, the studies show that the study of the proportion of the human psyche is only a small part of the total "volume". Therefore, its response to external stimuli are not always predictable, and this in turn means that the person is farmay not always be psychologically ready to certain conditions created outside. This is the way a person develops various complexes, depression, phobias and other negative manifestations of mental adaptation. Depending on some internal, moral and volitional characteristics that a person is in various stages of readiness to at-like moments, and as different can deal with them. In some cases (one might even say, no such rare), the person to overcome such negative phenomena, need help (counseling) professional psychologist. By the way, professional. Trained, experienced professional like no other is oriented in all the subtleties ofx situation, causes and nature of manifestations, as well as possible ways out of the crisis. Psychological counseling is a type of psychological help, psychotherapy. The main purpose of consultation with a psychologist is a personal decision of psychological problems of the client. These problems can be of completely different nature, such as personal,emotional, social, professional, home, etc.). As can be understood from the name of the procedure (consultation), it is carried out by a psychologist and client communication. In the process of communication, which is in the form of discussion interviews, created a deep personal contact between the psychologist and his client. Solve customer problems occurcomplex: personal interviews in harmony with the various behavioral, cognitive (persuasion and attitudes) methods, drug therapy. Since psychotherapy or counseling is rather extensive field of action, of course there is a need for its classification. The main criteria are the following:

- the number of concurrent clients (individual, group);
- problem (find a problem, correction of problems);
- the role (policy, not policy);
- relationship with medicine (clinical, non-clinical).

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