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Advantages of paper towels

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ZEWA nowadays become an integral part of every chelovESA, bathrooms, and you can tell all public establishments (restaurants, beers bars, cafes, and in the kitchen). Made paper towels on modern technological equipment, towels have a high water absorption, a special softness with   minimum bundle. Paper towels can be of different types: single and double layere, sheet, roll, moreover, may be of different colors. The material from which are made of paper towels   ZEWA - it is 100% wet-strength high-quality cellulose. For manufacturing economy class towels can beat use of recycled materials (wet-strength paper for recycling).

In comparison with the directof its competitors, which can be regarded as ordinary towels and aerosushki, paper towels are a number of advantages:

  • The convenience and ease of use. Towels are ideal for use in public use, along with a special device - paper towel dispenser on ZEWAbespechivaet reliable comfort of consumers;
  • Efficiency. Modern technology in the production of paper towels on the latest technologies allow paper towels excels at   soaking Vod and easily disintegrate into fibers, they are very easy and convenient utilized by dissolvingI'm in an aqueous medium that is important for the environment;
  • environmental and safety. Paper towels are made from natural material that allows them to have properties not irritate the skin; the use of paper disposable towels   ZEWA exclude the possibility of getting your hands on a microbes, bacteria that can not provide the usual cloth towels;
  • Efficiency in use. Compared with aerosushek and cloth towel, use paper towels ZEWA allows faster and more   quality dry your hands after washing.
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