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What is osteoporosis

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The human body, in spite of all its excellence in terms of evolution, is prone to various diseases. AmazedNIJ exposed to virtually all systems of the body. For example, one of the most complex diseases of the skeletal system of the body (skeleton) is osteoporosis, or brittle bones in common parlance. in fact, to imagine a mechanism for the development and course of the disease, it should be clear how to construct the bone. Any bone, despite aThe external solidity, is a finely porous structure (it can be clearly seen on the cut of any bone), that is, in fact, has a finely perforated core. In osteoporosis, the pores are combined, amalgamated, creating large cavities, which leads eventually to a loss of strength, brittleness and friability. From a clinical point of view, Yawby the systemic disease, which is based on metabolic disorders of bone tissue. Despite this, the risk of osteoporosis is not limited only to a metabolic disorder. Etiology it is wide enough and the international classification, the following groups of potential factors predisposing to the development of Ostoporoza:

  • genetic predisposition (race, age, sex, komplektsionnaya, physiological);
  • endocrinological predisposition (hormone imbalance, infertility, amenorrhea, failures in menopause);
  • cost of living (harmfule habits, insufficient or excessive levels of exercise, lack of calcium and vitamin D);
  • related pathological changes (diabetes, leukemia, arthritis, kidney failure, the consequences of organ transplants);
  • long-term use of potent medicines.

Treatment of osteoarthritis

The mainstay of treatment of degenerative disc disease is a complex therapy, which is aimed at eliminating the reasons that cause the suffering of the patient. The composition of this therapy may include techniques such as:

  • vacuum therapy;
  • electrical;
  • acupuncture;
  • laser therapy;
  • magnitopunktura;
  • postisometric relaxation;
  • dry traction;
  • pharmacopuncture.

The average course of treatment: 10-15 sessions, and   to address the lack of acute pain 1 - 3 sessions. Remember, the earlier you start treatment, the better you will be results!

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