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Allergic reaction to the eye (edema)

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The high level of civilization that is not expressly puttional factors is also the so-called "dark side." This is not nothing but a characteristic corresponding to the method of modern life, the disease. It's no secret that most mortality comes from cardiovascular diseases and cancer, but they do not have the actual status of the epidemic, while allergy is an ACTUALEski scourge of modern society. This hyperactive reaction of the organism to various stimuli, anyway, was a manifestation of almost everyone. This is due, primarily, as has been said, with the way of life that we are: environmental, quality and composition of food, cosmetics, household chemicals. Also definedtion, the important role played by genetic factors (heredity in terms of the presence of allergic reactions) and health status. One of the most common allergic reactions exposed parts of the body are the eyes, or rather the skin around the eyes. Besides the fact that the human eye in its physiological nature is quite vulnerable to external allergenov, so also we ourselves contribute to the development of such a scenario. In general, the cause of allergic reactions of the eyes (edema) can serve as a natural and artificial factors .

  1. The first category might include various suspended solids, which are twisted in the air can easily get to the mucosa (dust,All kinds of mold, wool and individual hairs, pollen, chemical sprays).
  2. The second category are allergens (substances that cause a reaction) that enter the body accidentally or purposefully outside (cosmetics, medicines, foods, etc. and other insects). &Nbsp;

According to the form of manifestationI divided into four types:

  • atopic dermatitis - a reaction to medications or cosmetics, which is accompanied by redness and swelling of the skin, itching and burning;
  • allergic conjunctivitis - redness of the eyes, glassy OTEto the mucosa;
  • pollinozny conjunctivitis - Seasonal reaction to pollen, which, in addition to the previous view similar symptoms, accompanied by a runny nose, asthmatic suffocation;
  • keratoconjunctivitis - the so-called spring catarrh. Imais the same as the previous species, highly seasonal and is overreaction to high doses of ultraviolet radiation. Accompanied by itching, watery eyes, reaction to light.

In order to eliminate manifestations of allergic reactions using systemic and local antihistamines (Vizin, Deksametazhe Lekrolin and other).

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