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Diagnosis by ultrasound spleen

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The human body is one of the most difficultx and most coherent mechanisms in nature. It consists of a number of organs and systems, each of which performs a specific function. One of the most important (though not essential) of a spleen. It functions as a lymph gland, which plays an important role of hematopoietic processes (development of lymphocyteitov and platelets, erythrocytes and platelets regulation). Spleen is the source of antibody in the body, thus acting as a bacterial filter. Like any other organ, the spleen is prone to disease, injury, birth defects. Therefore, to determine its status and causes of possible deviations from the norm, nNecessity diagnostic studies. Since this internal organ, the study should provide maximum detail and informative. From this point of view, the most widely used method is ultrasound, better known as the US (not to be confused with the same automatic weapons).

prescription for the procedure ultrasound include the following reasons:

- abdominal trauma with suspected damage (rupture) of the spleen;
- various infectious diseases (such as mononucleosis, hepatitis, typhoid and other);
- the alleged defects in the development of the body;
- ZabOlevanov liver in chronic and acute stage;
- various cancer lesions of the spleen.

As is the case with any other authority of the peritoneum, holding the body requires some training (we are talking primarily about the termination of a meal before the test). Result or purpose of the study yavlis Busy definition of the geometric dimensions and the basic structures of the state.

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