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The human body is a complex assembly unit, which consists of many smaller, but no less complex Btems and organs that are constantly interacting with each other. To ensure that all processes in the body is smooth and without interruption, nature has provided the control system - the body's endocrine system. Her glands produce the necessary regulatory components - hormones, but also for production of the necessary individualtrace elements that need to bring in the diet. One of the most important elements is iodine. He plays a crucial role in the work and the state of the thyroid gland. The connection here is pretty simple - a lack of iodine leads to insufficient production of hormones (thyroxine, triiodothyronine), which in turn pulls a violation of exchangeprocesses disorder work gonads, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Iodine deficiency is particularly harmful in childhood, when there is a rapid formation of the body. In addition, all those who at one time lived through the Chernobyl disaster, iodine deficiency is known not by hearsay. Restore the required level of iodine in the body can be atpower iodide preparation Jodomarin. It is a source of iodine inorganic nature and is released in the pharmacy network without any prescriptions. But this does not mean you have to go to extremes and to be prevented (by the way, on the official website: can read). Remember that expert advice will help outoverdose and run efficient and safe conduct of thyroid disease prevention.

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