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Laparoscopy in the oncology clinic "LISOD"

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Mankind has always been subject to varying Bolee or less serious diseases. As it develops, the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, technical perfection failed dramatically reduce mortality and prevent it. But even in such circumstances, the deadly disease is not receded. For Ukraine and its people, one of these problems are cancers that are not lostence its relevance, especially after the Chernobyl accident in 1986. For many Ukrainians cancer becomes not so much a diagnosis as a sentence, both in terms of psychological and Financial. This is explained by the fact that in certain cases all the necessary procedures can only be done abroad, foreign-based efforts and bolee experienced foreign oncologists. However, as has been about seven years, Ukraine has its own advanced oncological clinic - "LISOD." A special feature of this clinic is the involvement of leading Israeli and counseling professionals (A. Kooten, C. Bernstein, I.Reut, E. Dudnik-Ilshteyn and others). Their invaluable experience and qualificationsI have no doubt, because it is a leading Israeli oncology in the world. The application of this knowledge and technologies in place, coupled with local staff - surgeons of the highest category (S. Biden A. Zhigulin) can solve on the spot previously inaccessible tasks. especially should allocate approach to minimally invasive surgery - laparoscopy. PWhen this highest qualification of our surgeons, in particular S. Biden lets through small incisions conduct the necessary manipulations carried out the removal of the affected areas (, intestines, liver, and so on. n.), and the bodies themselves, diagnostic procedures, and master classes.

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