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Cialis for erectile dysfunction eliminate

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The life of any human being, like any other living creature on the planet, is subject to certain natural laws andreflexes. One of the most important reflex is a reflex of procreation. But as for the man the process of transfer of genetic information has not only a direct sense, but also, so to speak, a pleasant, its regular component, and the quality of sex life plays an important role. Sex life can be full and regular Shuffleae if the capacity of the organism permit. In the case of the male body, a crucial role in sexual potency plays - a combination of factors that affect the body's ability to perform a sexual act. I should say that the male body, unlike the female retains the opportunity for lifelong learning, except for SLEinstances in which the disease and other factors begin to affect potency. Mankind has always tried to come up with some means for resuscitation or enhance potency. Similar efforts have accelerated the development of modern pharmacology. In addition to the well-known Viagra, quite effective in terms of elimination of erectile dysfunction, is a drug Siafoxes. It is produced and dispensed in capsules, each containing 20 mg of tadalafil (Cialis main active ingredient). The main advantage is its duration of action - about 36 hours, allowing you complete freedom to plan their sex life throughout the day. In addition, the drug has no contraindicationss for use with food or alcohol. Clinically proven fact is the manifestation of a persistent effect for 15-16 minutes after eating. The only "but" in this context is the selective nature of the drug, ie, its action begins only when man begins to feel sexually arousedix. Consequently, the muscle tissue of the walls of arteries and vessels in the penis relaxes, causing greater krovopritoka to tissues, respectively - erection. For all its actual security Cialis still has some, albeit rare side effects, which are expressed in headache, sometimes swelling of the eyelids, pain in the eyes andDoes dizziness. Clinically, the recommended dose is one capsule of 20 mg Cialis or tadalafil.

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