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If your hair is falling out

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Of course, the situation is unpleasant, when in the morning, wake up, you find on my pillow INRof lost hair. Daily hair loss is almost imperceptible because fallen hairs are gradually replaced by new. Look carefully at the precipitated hairs — if at one end you will see a dark bag, consult a doctor immediately to triholog spent diagnosis, treatment and began to find the most effective in yourcase. The result, of course, does not manifest itself on the next day, because of the elimination of the causes of hair loss takes a long time.

The most common causes of hair loss

Constant stress, intense rhythm of life, frequent colds — can all hundredbe the cause of severe alopecia in women and men. And often experienced stress makes itself felt after a while, but not immediately. When you already forgotten that worried because something can follow the body's response to the incident. Of course, if the random stress, the consequences will not cause you trouble, but if the situation turned into chroniceskuyu form, your doctor may prescribe a sedative.

In women the cause of thinning hair can provoke excessive bleeding and, as a consequence, the loss of large amounts of iron. In this case, the doctor will prescribe just the right drug and help to balance the power.

You have appointed a new drug or combination of drugs? They, too, can trigger excessive hair loss. If all of these drugs are appointed doctor in an integrated treatment of the disease, stop taking them yourself, you can not. Without consultation with the doctor can not do. The drugs you should change.

Do not be surprised if the doctor will tell you that the main cause of hair loss lies in your contempt for headgear in the cold. The blood vessels are compressed from the cold, the hair follicles loses nutrients and as a result, the hair starts to fall out. By the way, overreliance on thermal effects on the skin ofcatches and hair too to anything good will not.

Various hormonal disorders, infectious diseases of the scalp also lead to significant problems. In this case, no harm will visit endocrinologist and then trihologa to find the right.

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