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Non-surgical liposuction: types and features

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In the fight against overweight, many people suffering from izbytochnogof weight, pace yourself exercise duration and varied diet, oblivious to the fact that adipose tissue, which is located on the back, hips, abdomen, neck and hands, begins to disappear at the last turn. Classical liposuction for many years considered one of the most effective ways to address the problem of excess weight, but not the setGia decided on surgery for a beautiful figure. The use of non-surgical methods gives people the opportunity not only to bring his body to the ideal, but also to avoid the need for surgery.
This method is most often used in cases where the amount of adipose tissue are relatively few. Then the procedure is not only causingflushes any difficulties, but also a result of the manipulation of the doctor can see with the naked eye.
Non-surgical liposuction has many advantages over similar classical procedure involving surgery. Firstly, at the end of non-invasive manipulations on the body of the patient leave no trace (edema, sinyakov, joints). Secondly, as the doctor during the procedure does not perform a single incision, and then manipulated during the implementation does not cause any pain, which, in turn, eliminates the need for a local or general anesthetic. And thirdly, after non-surgical liposuction patient does not have to go throughVat long rehabilitation period.
In cosmetology, there are two most popular techniques for such a procedure: mesotherapeutic and ultrasound. Mesotherapy injections or liposuction is based on the introduction under the skin of the patient special cocktails, through which adipose tissue is actively broken down and removed from oporganisms by natural metabolism. The obvious result of this method of removing excess fat can be expected after 1-2 treatments.
The ultrasonic technique is completely hardware way to get rid of extra pounds. During the procedure, a specialist submits the problem areas of the body exposed to ultrasonic "bumps" thats digested adipose tissue. The intensity of these impacts is the default value and is determined by a beautician individually on consultation with the patient.

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