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During its existence, man has created a lot of different tools, techniques and types of flooring. The most natural is nol of solid wood boards, but other than sovey Naturally, this floor has two significant disadvantages: it is quite difficult to stack (to avoid cracks) and eventually, wood shrinks. Eliminate these adverse events may use modern paving materials, in particular laminate. Its structure is Multilayer Compositethe first material that is based on high-density fibreboard (HDF). Laminate acquired its name from the upper protective layer laminate. As in the case of the production of any other explanation, the laminate is divided into classes, according to the quality and the material manufacturer, i.e. brand. World laminate one of the most reveredand popular brands is a German manufacturer of laminate - Parador. Among the manufacturers of laminate it has the same effect, the quality and credibility, which boasts the world's iPhone handsets. It is ideally combines ecological purity materials, texture of natural wood, high water resistance and abrasion resistance. In Konstruktsii laminate includes first-class, innovative technologies, such as ventilation technology floors. Besides, also solves the problems mentioned earlier wood. Firstly, Parador is not shrinking, leaving gaps between the slats. Secondly, in the laminate structure provided Parador sturdy lock mount, which bySOM quickly and painlessly make installation.

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