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Line of products TEOSYAL Swiss corporation TEOXANE

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The life of modern man, especially women, are inextricablyassociated with the use of various cosmetic products, whose task is not only to give a chic woman, irresistible, charming appearance (we call it properly). Its objective is also to hide the existing defects (wrinkles, bruising, swelling, etc.) and, more importantly, try to correct them, to postpone retirement. SBIbsche speaking, it is a problem not only of different cosmetics an important role, especially in the modern fashion and beauty industries, play a variety of pharmacological agents without the express therapeutic or corrective action. If you try to combine two of the industry in one specialized, we get the modern fashionable trend, having anuemoy cosmeceuticals, well, or medical cosmetics. The composition of the drugs used for therapeutic and cosmetic purpose, usually contains components based on protein, acidic and bacterial (Botox, or botulinum toxin) compounds. Enough tangible progress in this field has reached a Swiss corporation TEOXANE, which, in essence, is a networkmedical and cosmetic research laboratories. Its main product is a line of products that are designed based on hyaluronic acid (in single-phase) and other non-animal vegetable nature. TEOSYAL drugs have consistently achieve results that, in addition to what is achieved in record time, so alsois sufficiently stable. Clinical studies have shown lack of development in the body different reactions to hypersensitivity principle. All the proposed laboratory preparations series TEOSYAL used for correction of the skin or the so-called contouring.

Today the companyof TEOXANE introduced to the market a line of the following medications TEOSYAL:

  • Teosyal Global Action - injectable for the correction of minor facial wrinkles, nasolabial in the area around the eyes;
  • Teosyal Touch Up - the final preparation after application of the previous one,most used for correction of fine wrinkles on the skin surface;
  • Teosyal Deep Lines - correction of wrinkles, increase lip volume;
  • Teosyal Kiss - Injectable lip;
  • Teosyal Ultra Deep - creating and restoring the subcutaneous tissueher face;
  • Teosyal Ultimate - volume correction cheeks, chin;
  • Teosyal Meso - Rehydration of the skin.
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