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The level of development of any society, the nation, the country is determined, first of all, the level of development of medicine. How canwant to argue about this, search for the reasons for which other sectors can have a primary influence, but the fact remains that a society that has managed to develop its medical industry to a level where possible the prevention and effective treatment of the most dangerous types of diseases can be considered as the actual development . In the worldnot a few examples of how some nations have achieved outstanding results in this field, but one of them has traditionally been associated in the world with the highest quality of work, thoroughness, accuracy (and not only in the medical field). This nation and the country - Germany. It has one of the most advanced economic, technical, scientificx, and, of course, medical potentials in Europe and around the world. Medical institutions in Germany have not only the staff of the highest caliber, but also the most advanced equipment. One of the most reputable clinics not only in Germany but also in Europe is considered. Nationwide clinic is firmly in the top three by the ratio of KutchETS, security, and credibility. In its present form the clinic began to emerge in the 20s of the last century on the basis of the existing then, the university medical center (at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Alberta Ludwig), which in turn was formed during the nineteenth century. In its present form, the structure of the clinic the number 15 & ??nbsp; clinical departments (children's medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, general medicine, radiology, etc.) and 10 clinical institutions. With such a structure developed this clinic has one of the most powerful personnel in the country, which includes, in general, more than 10 thousand people, among whom there are about fifteen hundred Certifications doctors and three thousand physicians middle managers. Statistics show that in the year of its operation the clinic may take more than 64 thousand patients at the hospital and more than 570,000 on an outpatient basis. The clinic is positioned as a medical institution maximum profile, that is, one that covers most areas and industries of medical deins. With such a huge potential, the clinic is one of the leading centers of educational and scientific profile, the basis for the development of advanced methods of treatment.

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