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Medical diagnostics in Germany

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The level of development of any given country is largely aboutpredelyaetsya level of development of its healthcare industry, that is, to control and to quickly and adequately respond to the manifestations of the disease, especially complex. During the treatment process plays an important role to establish the causes of the disease, the patient's condition and predictive scenario in each case. All this complex CELEBRATIONprises collectively referred to as diagnostics. Naturally, the diagnosis is a complex process, which is equally important roles played as personal knowledge and trained medical staff and technical equipment of medical institutions. Of course, the best conditions in this regard have specialized diagnostic centers in the districthe most advanced countries in terms of medicine. One such "spiritual center" of the world diagnostic certainly consider Germany, which in this respect has one of the most powerful technical and human resources in the world. The main feature and advantage in any of the specialized centers is their maximum adaptings for each individual case or set of problematic issues. The development of such techniques and their implementation in practice not have been made possible through a combination of the following main components:

  • long-term experience, both theoretical and practical experience of leading experts in various fields of medicine;
  • high level of development of modern technologies, in particular medical diagnostic equipment. This was made possible thanks to the placement of the major manufacturers in Germany, research equipment, in particular division of Siemens.

Diagnostic programswell-developed, with the not to have a German pedantry, and stand out, in fact, two separate units: diagnostic programs for adults and children. In the adult program, in turn, are the following, the most accurate and popular complex diagnostic techniques:

  • stomatologicSingle oral diagnosis (Dental-Check-Up);
  • a comprehensive diagnosis of the organism (Express Check-Up);
  • orthopedic diagnostics (Ortho-Fitness-Check, Revmo-Check);
  • Gastroenterological diagnosis of gastrointestinal (Gasrto Check);
  • Heart rapid and complete diagnostics   (Cardio-Check);
  • Cancer diagnosis standard and premium profile (Onko-Check).
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