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Who are you: a boy or a girl?

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Five ways to determine the sex of a baby

The main issue of concern to moms – sex of the child. Moreover, it – not just a woman's curiosity, and to prepare for the birth of a child. Learning, you can safely buy children's clothes, toys and various little things blue or pink.

Do you want to know the sexyour child? Use the five tips from experienced moms and gynecologists obstetricians.

Form belly . This method is used by our grandmothers and mothers. All you have to do, to assess the shape of your belly. If your tummy and strongly resembles a cucumber sticks forward and can hardly see them from the back,in your family will be charming tomboy. If the stomach is heard and your breadth « interesting position » seen from the back — procuring things pink, soon your life will be a charming princess.

We evaluate chest . It is said that one of the factors that will help the definitionto share the baby's gender is the chest. If your breasts increase in size during the first months of pregnancy – prepare for the birth of son. If the chest adds in size at the end of the sixth to seventh month – you will have a bunting-daughter. Also pay attention to the color of the nipples. Bright – to the birth of the boy, theny and rich color – the birth of a daughter. Many doctors confirm this fact, but the scientific explanations have not yet found.

Appearance . They say that girls are taken all the beauty of mother – on the face of the future mother appear spots, rashes and small pimples, but should not worry — postpartum everything back in its place. Women who are expecting the birth of a baby, was more fortunate. During pregnancy, they thrive on the eyes!

Taste preferences . If you want to determine the sex of the baby, assess your diet. It is dominated by fish, meat, bread? You will have a boy. EIf you can not give up the sweet, you will have a girl.

The emotional background . Many doctors believe that an important role in determining the sex of the child plays and behavior future moms. If it is too emotional, upset over trifles, crying for no reason, and every detail of its outputsequilibrium, in her tummy grows capricious lady. If the mother is staying calm under any circumstances, kept in words, less emotional and sympathetic to the weakness of her husband, she waiting for a handsome son.

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