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What is Green Coffee

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In recent years, in pursuit of a good figure and perfectly shaped gaining increasing popularity, so-calledfirst green coffee. By the way, the myths and the real truth about green coffee can be read. From traditional, black coffee it differs primarily in that the grain can not be roasted. At the same time, do not lose such an important component as chlorogenic acid, which affects the burning of body fat. This component is involved in the regulation of glucosein the blood and prevents the accumulation of new fats. This coffee is suitable for people who are contraindicated foods with high levels of caffeine. This miracle drink can be enjoyed in any quantity. Coffee taste a little different from the usual. There is hardly a noticeable difference in flavor: green coffee has a rich and memorable flavor. Zeleny coffee contains in its structure more than 1,200 biologically active substances:

- amino acids – responsible for the proper functioning of the body (reduced vascular tone, regulate the production of hemoglobin, output salts of heavy metals);
- caffeine - improves memory, cardiovascular work   system, relieves spasms;
- trigonelline – contains niacin,   which provides the normal growth of tissues, improves liver function, promotes the development of gastric juice lowers blood pressure, normalize digestion;
- chlorogenic acid - burn stored fat, slows the aging process containsie vitamins B and P acts as a pain reliever;
- tannin - normalizes the digestive tract;
- theophylline - normalizes the respiratory function, saturates the blood with oxygen, reduces the tone of blood vessels;
- fiber - strengthens immunity, restores intestinal microflora, facilitates manifestation of allergic reactions;
- essential oils - ittralizuyut action of bacteria, eliminate pockets of inflammation, bronchial mucus output.

By drinking this coffee you are contributing to uniquely improve their health.

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