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What is the engine oil

Decemb. 16 2014

More from school physics course, we know that to perform any mechanical slaveThe notes you need to spend a certain amount of energy. This is true everywhere, whether it's a man digs up the garden or moves behind the wheel of a car. In the first case, he spends his life force, which then restores the expense of food, drink and sleep. In the second case, the energy required to drive the car, weobtained from fuels (gasoline, diesel oil, gas). In this case, the necessary energy is released by combustion of fuel in the engine cylinders, resulting in movement arranged in the same pistons and, through them, and the entire vehicle. Naturally, the movement of all units and units of the motor (motor) is directly in contact with the phenomenon of friction, which obliges to take optain measures to compensate for its effects in the form of deterioration and destruction of parts and assemblies. To do this, the engine lubrication system is functioning, which covers the working surfaces rubbing parts of the engine oil film that prevents wear on the job. Since the engine oil performs responsibly function,to its characteristics, there is enough rigorous approach. To date, the market is represented by any price category. Modern engine oil must meet the following basic requirements:

- providing excellent detergent stabilizing properties;
- stability in terms of thermal and temperature;
- Providing sufficient protection against wear;
- anti-corrosion properties;
- smooth relations vyazkosno-temperature indicators;
- a small percentage of the volatility.

Modern oils are classified by purpose (gasoline, diesel, universal), seasonal (summer, winter, all-weather), the compositiony (organic, synthetic, semi-synthetic).

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