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Dutch perfumes Mexx

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In spite of the general popularity thanks to its line of fashion appareland accessories (bags, trifle, footwear), well-known Dutch company Mexx, do not focus only on that. Her areas of interest falls also cosmetic industry and in particular high-level perfumery. Such an approach exists because of the views and beliefs of its founders and owners of which being not only creative, but also quite calcetlivymi personalities correctly believe that one issue only clothes (even if she covers the audience, young and old), sooner or later becomes profitable, the user loses interest. Seems logical fact, in which, a company tied to the fashion industry, it will cover all the area, because, in fact, only one brandclothes enough - it must be harmoniously combined with excellent makeup and memorable, sensual aroma. This description and requirements uniquely suited. As in the case of clothing, fragrances Mexx made a separate category for both men and women. Each of the flavors Mexx, like no other, makes its wearer personality, subordinatederkivaet his strengths. Contributes to this policy and the company, which gather up a staff of more than eighty people, designers who are doing everything possible and impossible, that create a new toilet water. As a consequence, we have several series of perfumes for women's (Diversity, Energizing, Magnetic, Black Woman, XX by Mexx Mysterious andother) and male (Fly High Man, Magnetic for Him, Ice Touch Man, Mexx Spring Edition Man) audience.

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