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Dental care in Dnipropetrovsk

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Clinic of quality dental care for adults and children "Studio Smiles" predelivers quality and affordable. It provides a very high-quality treatment of diseases of the teeth, at the latest technologies, including the use of foreign practice. The clinic is fully justifies its name, because the level of their work as professionals dentists easily bears comparison with the work of the artist or the cheekbonesptora, being in a certain measure creativity. This clinic - has a wide range of services:

  1. Periodontics;
  2. Braces;
  3. Crowns;
  4. Veneers.

High quality of service, the perfect and creatives   approach to children

Clinic "Studio of Smiles" has excellent potential not only in personnel, but technically, equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment. Clinic staff is constantly improving its classification at various seminars and workshops. The most popular procedure IS THE surgical and aesthetic intervention in the dentition. Under the surgical dentistry refers to all types of treatment dentition (including removal). For aesthetic dentistry include correction of bite alignment braces, whitening, etc. "Studio of Smiles" has reasonable prices for services and enjoys great popularityth among other clinics. Approximate price tag is as follows:

  • Seal - 200-350 UAH;
  • pulpitis, periodontitis - 500-850 UAH;
  • Metal crown - from UAH 240;
  • Metal-ceramic crown – from UAH 740;
  • with plastic crown - 580grn;
  • Brushing teeth - from 380-550 USD.

As for the pediatric dentist at the clinic, the doctor works here first category, as children need to be very safe treatment to visiting the dentist did not causethe child's fear, but only had the pleasure and quality treatment. Anyone who has a problem with your teeth, you should visit the "Studio of Smiles", and stay happy and healthy. Cheers!

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