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Perfumes from Silver Mountain Creed

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Most of today's leading perfumery companies originateof the twentieth century, having to his credit several decades of fruitful work. However, it is difficult to find a successful company that would take its origin already in the XVIII century. This company is a British generic enterprise Creed. It should immediately mention that like most companies own kind, at the beginning of its inception, Creed zanimalsyadeyatelnostyu no way associated with perfume - riding equipment. This went on for more than two centuries, with those customers, the company was, frankly, not ordinary - the highest European aristocracy in the face Napoleona, Franz Joseph I, Nicholas II, and others. Around since the 70s of the last century, the accessoryhonest business ceased to exist, replaced by bezpoaorotno the perfume. And even here the company has achieved a sufficiently high recognition, creating exclusive fragrances dlyavsemirno known to the public: Queen Victoria and the court aristocracy, Winston Churchill, Princess of Monaco G. Kelly. Today Creed represented in more than 50 flavors. Operating systemoboj popularity, including in the face of the current owner of the company, of which enjoys the flavor. This Eau de parfum for men, which is particularly fresh, as if the air in the mountains. Notes aromas consist of zelenogochaya, currants, violets. All this is interspersed with polished refined musk, sandalwood extract and patchouli. This fragrancethat instantly refreshes and tones all around.


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