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What is a Lightbox

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In today's economy, where even within the same small town and any manufacturers an extensive network of sufficient competition. On the one hand, this development is quite useful for the development of quality products and to improve production systems. But when it comes to the need to implement the finished product - there can be no patriotism aesthetics. In order to cut off direct competitors, you must investirovabe money in the advertising field. One of the most effective ways to advertise their own products is. so-called outdoor advertising and an indispensable tool Lightbox. By the way, you will help to make printing company Print Oracal. In the literal sense (in particular, and in translation) Lightbox - a light box closes inwhich is mounted a roll or typographic print. Inside the unit is a LED light bulb, which ensure smooth illumination over the entire area. Typically, this feature of the ad unit, lightbox, allows wide enough to use it possible, for example, in the process of photographing (softbox) or medical institutionss, as a means of assessing radiological examination (medical Lightbox called negatoscope). Structurally, every Lightbox consists of several elements, and its overall shape is not necessarily limited to the commonplace rectangle:

  • Box. Represents the bottom of the walls,which may be made of polycarbonates, acrylics, composites;
  • cover or outer wall of the lightbox. Made of transparent material.
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