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What is the adenoids and their treatment

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The body of any person is enoughcomplex structural system in which all parts and components are interrelated and complement each other. One of the most important, but seemingly invisible in the system is the lymphatic system. This Zhelezova vascular system, whose main objective is to regulate the metabolism, cell cleansing the body of toxins. It consists of a series ofglands producing hormonal components involved in all processes of the body. One of those lymph nodes in the body of any person are tonsil - accumulations characteristic of lymphatic tissue in the nasopharynx. They play an important role in strengthening the immune system. Large quantities, both adults and children, they are fromknown "thanks" to the pathological process such as adenoids. This pathological process is an enlargement of tonsils (usually nasopharyngeal) because of its hyperplasia (enlarged lymphatic tissue). A similar phenomenon is fraught with the development of a sufficiently serious disorders, such as loss of the rumorss functions (loss of function), difficulty breathing through the nose. A feature of this type of tonsils is their location, which is shifted upward into the nasal region, and in contrast to the pharyngeal tonsils can not be "seen with the naked eye." This pathology is quite common in childhood (the bulk of this sufferingpathology between the ages of three to seven years). Adenoids are three degrees of the disease, each of which limits the medical staff in the choice of means and methods of treatment. The latter may take place either conservative therapeutic means, either surgically, with complete removal of the tonsils data. The latter method is used in the latterYu turn, when the degree of increase of tonsils becomes dangerous for normal functioning of the body's processes. Next Ivanov AP - employee health portal: tell us about non-surgical methods of treatment of adenoids.

Treatment of inflammation of the adenoids without surgery

Today for reducedNotices adenoids use laser therapy or treatment with homeopathic medicines and, as well as traditional methods.

Laser has antimicrobial effects, reduces inflammation of adenoid tissue, mucous dries.

Drug therapy includes:

  • nose washing with salt solutions;
  • instillation of drugs, antiseptic effect, which is dried mucous;
  • instillation of anti-inflammatory and decongestant drugs   action.

The advantage of treatmentadenoids homeopathic remedies are natural drugs such net - this treatment takes a couple of months.

traditional therapies adenoids:

  • cranberry and rosehip infusion of Calendula;
  • infusion of birch, eucalyptus and chamomile;
  • decoction of oak bark;
  • collection of herbs with fir (eucalyptus) oil;
  • carrot juice;
  • beet juice with honey.
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