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Velcade: drug against myeloma

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0 2019

Throughout the history of the human race, it constantly harassed incurable diseases. All this, despite nand continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills in the field of medicine, the situation did not improve dramatically. Even though the highest level of development and distribution of medicine, which we have today, especially in Western countries still continue to exist ills with which to fight extremely hard. Probability of successOn the outcome of treatment for such diseases, such as cancer (especially in the later stages) is complicated by the fact that there is really working vaccine (as it is called in common parlance). In this case, all the efforts of medical staff are not aimed at eliminating the source of cancer, its root causes, and periodic elimination of symptoms of the disease(Tumors, metastases, etc.).

Oncology and anticancer drugs

Oncological problems can affect a completely different organs and systems of the body, which in principle excludes the possibility of the creation and application of a universal means of so-called panacea for cancer.In this case, by many medical, surgical and laboratory studies can develop a specific technique to combat certain types of cancers. In addition, there are cases of practical creation of some anticancer drugs, again, the selective action.


So the drug is Velcade (and its analogs such as amyl Milanfor). It is indicated for use as the main active component in the treatment of myeloma or multiple myeloma. This is a form of cancer that affects the cells and progressing in the blood plasma. Its name she received by reason of dislocation in the bone marrow. The main active ingredient in a modified form of boron - bortezomib (usually one vial powder for injection mixture contains 3.5 mg of active substance). As with any potent drug from the category of anti-tumor, Velcade requires strict accounting andIstemi reception, and can cause certain side effects, degree and nature of the manifestation of which is strictly individual. The drug is given and is strictly controlled by the attending physician in a hospital setting. By the way, the drug is expensive and not everyone can buy it in pharmacies. In this case, we recommend to turn to bulletin boards. For example, at   may be much lower than in pharmacies.

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