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What are the chandeliers

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Chandelier - a hanging ceiling light, which is designed to create artificial lighting in the room. They are suspended from the ceilingand contain several candlesticks and lamps. Many modern chandeliers are equipped with a remote control. None of the varieties of lighting can boast such a variety of types and forms, like a chandelier. They are:

  1. Classic;
  2. Pripotolochnye
  3. Chandeliers-hangers.

Modern Chandeliers, invented by professional designers can perform as pripotolochnuyu and harness role. Before you buy a chandelier need to determine the level of illumination. Experts recommend the average norm: for stateTina – in the range of 150-300 watts for kitchen - less than 150 watts. The choice of chandeliers also depends on the type of ceiling, as there is a hook and ceiling mounting.

The classic, elegant chandeliers are solemn and which give a pompous appearance. Form their smooth and elegant. A list of the materials used consists ofmetal, glass and crystal. Crystal chandeliers deserve special attention. The very first chandelier was made in the Czech Republic. After a few years of crystal products won the whole of Europe, with luxurious crystal interior. Pripotolochnye chandeliers most used at low ceilings. They are made of a plastic ceiling, having a ball shapeand the box. Look great in a bathroom, nursery, corridor.

Chandeliers, pendants consist of one or two lampshades. Made of glass, fabric, plastic. They are commonly used in the dining room - above the dining table. Many modern chandeliers are the subject of the art design and merge into the center of the room.

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