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Be stylish and bright with hair dyes from T-LAB!

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Every girl would like thatused her hair had expressive natural   hue, emphasizing its natural beauty, combined with the color of the eyes and skin tsvetotip, and most importantly a healthy glow shone. However, not   all women are satisfied with their own hair color, they always want to be as colorful and unpredictable. And of course most women have to reregularly resort in the struggle for its unique stylish way to help all kinds of hair dye. In this case, the hair is constantly exposed to the damaging effects of harmful chemicals such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which are contained in a cheap hair dyes. But hair – is the foundation of your beauty and the last nand what can be saved, so we offer not to make risky experiments, and use only the highest quality products of modern hairdressing art.

will not only achieve the desired result, because the palette offered by the manufacturer is infinite shadesNormally the rich and diverse, but also to dye hair without negative consequences, that is the most carefully and safely. Hair Dye T-LAB has long been appreciated by professionals around the world and take its rightful place in the arsenal of stylists leading beauty salons.

hair dye T-LAB delight Islandswith your lovely and enviable variety of clients, through which you can start from the type and condition of the hair optimally select appropriate in each case the product. For example, a line of paints PERMANENT from T-LAB will provide increased staining resistance, withstanding up to twenty flushing, no dimming and without the effect of regrown torney. In addition, T-LAB Professional offers a series of products SEMI-PERMANENT, which does not contain ammonia and maximally dyed hair gently, without damaging their structure. There is also a series of products offered COLOR RECHARGE – this coloring shampoos and masks, which have a significant, though smaller than the previously mentioned lins, staining resistance. The main advantage of this series of colorants of T-LAB Professional is that they are made based on natural and not completely contain harmful components such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

On top of perfection hair dyeing process company T-LAB Professional offers all the necessary range of professional attributes such as a mixing vessel means for coloring, brush for applying paint, high-accuracy trade balance for correct calculation of the mass of components and other handy tools.

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