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Treatment of prostate adenoma

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From the prostate diseases currently hundredlkivaetsya quite a large number of men. The choice of treatment depends on the course of disease. There are several ways by which requires osobennogo.Eto may be: surgery, with the help of medications, invasive intervention.

What influences the choice of treatment?

First of all, the first thing the doctor takes into account is the age of the person. Some people in old age are prohibited to carry out operations. Also plays an important role and overall health. In most cases the use of minimally invasive interventions or medications. < / p>

Operative vmeshatelstin

As a rule, is not always made. There are certain symptoms of such disease, which will directly indicate that require surgery. It is the inability to urinate. In this case also the operation is not always carried out. If you can reduce the symptoms during catheterization and functionstioning of the urethra was adjusted, it is possible to continue treatment has medical drugs.

As a result of a partial blockade of the urethra, there may be a variety of diseases caused by the presence of harmful bacteria. That is, except for BPH eventually have to undergo more treatment and more.

Many people believe that prostate adenoma can only be cured with folk remedies. In this case, it is worth considering that every disease has its own specific stage of development, and even if the patient is relieved, it does not mean that the disease is no longer to develop. Some herbal infusions and compresses can lish remove pain, inflammation but they are not removed. So no need to experiment with their health and with the problem immediately consult your doctor.

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