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Fragrance Jour Pour Femme by BOSS

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Exquisite fragrance from BOSS went on sale in October 2013. Elegant composition was created to reflect the features of the female nature. It is characterized by the ability to be inspiring, elegant, to be myself. Boss Jour idealnostyu them can be called Gwyneth Paltrow, who acts as the face of this new fragrance. Perfume is based on the views of women in three persons at the same time: the ease, poise and inspiration. The aroma is described with white flowers and citrus chords. Consists of pyramids compositions:

  1. lime and grapefruit flowerand combined in the morning sun;
  2. Lily of the valley, white flowers, honeysuckle demonstrate the beauty and diversity, using a single color, it is possible for every woman;
  3. amber and birch give a sense of soft femininity unsurpassed strength.

Much attention is attracted bottle. Slim and well built, refined BOSS created in harmony with the scent. The bottle has an elegant crystal cap, which is combined with the beginning of a new day. And the very elegant and expensive bottle in there, if a piece of jewelry "gold ribbon" from which it is impossible to look awayEspecially when light falls on it. With impeccable craftsmanship, the product looks amazing. Sophisticated design, this brand is ideal for modern and fashionable women. A woman who uses this scent, absolutely self-confident, their full potential. Amazing perfume make all men turn around, pastwhich will take its owner, make this an unbeatable admire your fragrance.


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