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Journey to the Crimea, Big Yalta

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Katsively and Simeiz

While traveling along the coast of the Crimea, we find ourselves in the Big Yalta - the so-called Yalta itself and its surroundings: Alupka, Gaspra Gurzuf Katsiveli, Koreiz, Livadia, Mishor, Simeiz Partenit, Foros. In turn Katsively and Simeiz - is cities that have the glory « bohemian shelter & raquo ;. local beauty attracts creative people - here they receive the SARhnovenie. In Katsively and to this day there « a holiday home for creative people & raquo ;, who was lost in a local park. A Simeiz is a meeting place for the same young people who come here from all countries of the former Soviet Union. Immediately before the actual entry in Simeiz are the remains of ancient burial grounds and ancient settlements.

Mountain Cat

Izvestvnaya mountain cat is almost completely covered with juniper bushes - it makes the local air almost sterile. According to the legend, the very first settlers were even held on this mountain surgery. In 1900, on the mountain cat appeared the first private observatory Maltsev, which is here today.


Alupka - famous palace and park reserve that Count Vorontsov built for 20 years. In the palace is a rich museum collection that would be even larger if not for the 2nd World War. In those years, many of the exhibits were taken and they are now in private collections. FEBsurrounded by a park with rec « rock garden & raquo ;, ponds and ancient trees.


The first mention of Gurzuf found in manuscripts Procopius - Byzantine writer of VI century. In the Middle Ages, the Italian charts Gursuf called Gorzaniumom. Guzufskaya promenade paved with marble that washes every deHb. Close to Gurzuf is a well-known children's camp « Artek ».


Traveling to the Big Yalta you just need to visit the mountain Ai-Petri plateau, with a viewing platform which offers a nice view. Yes, and the rise of the cable car will not leave you indifferent - you'll getthose unforgettable experience. Be sure to also visit the Palace of Alexander III in Massandra, Great White Livadia Palace, which was the summer residence of Emperor Nicholas II, the Museum Institute of Viticulture « Magaraci & raquo ;, which was created 24 unique brand of wine - be sure to visit the tasting lounge-), Nikita Botanichesky Garden, where there are about 1,400 species of plants.

Sudak, Novy Svet, Koktebel

Finish your trip to the Crimea best in Sudak, Koktebel and the New World. Pike - the perfect city for a perfect holiday. Here mountains surround blooming valley, thus obscuring it from the wind. A Sudak Genoese fortresss complement this beautiful picture. Heading to the New World, you can walk along the famous rocky trail to the King's Beach, visit the grotto Chaliapin, enjoy drinks at the factory of sparkling wines, and so on. D. And without even noticing you reach Koktebel - a city which is located near the slopes of Karadag. Every year in Koktebel pass championship Bielyard among celebrities and jazz festival. Leaving the Crimea, be sure to toss a coin into the sea, because according to legend - it is a symbol of the return.

Big Yalta yavlyaetya ideal resort - here you can relax as well: the sea, sun, sun, beach, mountains, sea air, developed infrastructure and medical treatment, because - a dime a dozen. AtRide in the Big Yalta and you will see for yourself!

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