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Swiss powder Silver Shadow from Chambor

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In today's cosmetic market, Switzerland is representedknown trademark Chambor. Its activities are related to the production and sale of makeup products. In particular, the company has received universal fame with the release of the market range of powders for the face. This is one of the types of decorative cosmetics, whose main task is decorative, visual correction (struchshenie) color skin. Furthermore, powder is used to implement protective purposes with regard to the influence of external environment, and prevent the formation of precipitates on the surface of visible subcutaneous glands. Chambor powder produced on the basis of modern cosmetic laboratory,   where support is provided for the highest Swiss QUALITYIslands at all stages of production. In addition, the production itself is automated and works with the utmost precision, unique to Swiss movements. Powder itself is a reflection of all the Swiss mentality, their approach to work and views on life. This is a classic in the field of decorative cosmetics, proven over the years and are gratefulof customers. It also elegant, silver and its title as stable as the famous fairytale Tin Soldier. Her touch is comparable only to that of the gentle touch favorite hands. Beautiful shade that is powder, as effectively emphasizes all your dignity as visible and hide flaws. Powder Chambor Silver Shadowsurely exceed all your expectations and give perfection, which you can only dream of.


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