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Feminine fragrance from Dolce Dolce & Gabbana

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In today's fashion world there are not too many othersOn fashion houses and designers are able to honorably keep the brand of the highest quality - Haute Couture. The clothes of the highest quality, both actually and prices for it. One of these houses on the right is the Milanese fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, which is one of the trendsetters and the owner of one of the most recognizable styles. In addition togOh, that two other companion Domenico and Stefano have created a truly impressive empire clothing of the highest class, so they are also quite successful   manifested themselves in another field. One of the divisions of the model home is a studio perfumes, creating an unforgettable and sensual fragrances under the brand Dolce & Gabbana. One of the most zapomihuge capacity flavors of this brand is certainly a fragrance Dolce. Despite the coincidence of the name and surname of one of the designers, this fragrance is not purely a creation of his or incarnation of some of his views. The fact is that the combination of music, which is present in the aroma, fully justifies its "sweet" name (so is transferredI have a word with the Italian language). Dolce Aroma is somehow harmonious combination of fabulous sweetness and freshness relaxed. This flavor is mainly focused on the ladies who prefer the aroma of flower bouquets, with some mysterious sense and modernity, and a certain vintage style. Unikalnosbe the bunch that it was first used a combination of neroli and amaryllis, and papaya, narcissus, musk. By the way, women's perfumes in the online store can

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