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Pregnancy tests and pregn

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Unfortunately, in today's world, more and more couples facing problems with ZachAtia child. The long-awaited pregnancy did not occur for many reasons. One of them — lack of certain female hormones. Ovulation may not occur due to the fact that the egg does not ripen. This can help special courses use of drugs, for example, is used for this purpose pregna. Sometimes also desigchaetsya maintenance therapy. All this contributes to the early conception of the child and a favorable nurturing.

As used pregna?

pregna, in fact, is human chorionic gonadotropin. A hormone that is normally released in pregnant women. But they are not the onlyof whom he is appointed. It is prescribed for both men and even children are different purpose. For women pregna given during pregnancy planning. The drug acts as an adjunct to artificial insemination. It stimulates the ovaries or support the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. Only a doctor determinesso the dosage and duration of treatment. In no case can not make their own decisions about the use of the drug. If you do decide to buy your own pregna, then you should know that it must be administered intramuscularly. It can be taken once or several times, making interruptions at several days.

What to do?

The maximum concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin in the female body is monitored 20 hours after drug administration. Excess drug appears after a few days by the urinary system. The larger the dose taken, the longer it will pregna excreted from the body. Ifit's time to take a pregnancy test, it may be false positive. The reliability of the results can only speak on the 10th day after the last injection of the substance. Doctors recommend not doing it sooner than two weeks. Do not worry ahead of time. It is premature to make the test can be false negative. Better aboutconduct several in different time periods. This will determine the effectiveness of treatment.

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