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All we kind of got used to the idea that a woman, as a representative of the fair sex, should be beautiful and lovely throughout, ie, the factmatic, the entire cosmetic industry is a priori should work to create a female character. This view is certainly true of the perfume, which for women created an unimaginable number. But in fact, perfumes, fragrances power is not the exclusive prerogative of the female half, because as a woman, as well as a man, determines itsPartner flavor. Therefore, if a woman smells good, and then the man she chooses to, is obliged to smell similar to or even better than that is guaranteed to attract her attention. For the modern man a personal perfume - it is the same element of style, image and even a certain status, as well as for women. Moreover, the choice of perfumes for menits diversity and breadth is not inferior to the female half. By the way, can be purchased from the online store It should be clearly borne in mind when choosing a fragrance that actually perfume - it's not just perfume or cologne. To this category belong by right and deodorants, lotions, scented water, etc. ACTUALcally, the same scent that a man may prefer over the years (as opposed to the changing nature of women's) may be present in each of these funds, thus making a complete picture of a dial. When choosing a fragrance should be guided by personal feelings and preferences, as well as professed lifestyle. In this regard, all thzhskie perfumes can be divided into five categories: classic, sports, denim, leather and bohemian.

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