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How to choose earrings for women

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Do you want to make a nice gift to the girlfriend, but do not know than to please his preflattering darling? If you're targeting in the taste preferences of the beloved, then you can safely consider as an option for a memorable and spectacular jewelry gift jewelry, specifically – exquisite earrings that are a perfect complement of the female image.  

But how to choose a product kotoRoe bring favorite maximum of positive emotions? The question of choice of jewelry is very meticulous, so the best option would be received from you are prompted to select a gift from the range presented in the store yourself. If you want to make a pleasant surprise darling, then you will be presented a challenge with which you have successfullymanage, listening to the tips below.  

First, choose earrings should be, focusing on the appearance of the girl and her preferred style of clothing. &Nbsp;

Second, we should not over-save on select products of the present and of cheap materials with zipper that seizesKami and other factory defects. However, too much swagger too, the girl can not take an expensive gift, and even suggests that the way you are trying to achieve its location. The ideal option – jewelry jewelry – and looks great, and the price does not bite.  

Third, try to sAran figure out: what type of preference your fiancee. Flashy or elegant, geometric shapes, earrings Gvozdkov (stud), with English locking mechanism with a French castle-hook (with and without lock), with Italian omega-lock, earrings, chains, earrings, rings with inlays of stone under eye color, hair in tone and so forth.  

Are you crazy about bottomless eyes of your beloved? So why not emphasize their earrings to match? Stones inserts under color of eyes will help highlight the mystery and depth view of your Queen, and stones of contrasting colors make Besiki mischievous maiden dance in the mirror of the soul. Girl with eyes the color of the sky will be thrilledin purple, orange, blue, dark blue, azure stones. Kareglazki in appreciate earrings with amber, garnet, topaz, ruby. Chameleon eyes accentuate earrings with inserts of agate, chrysolite, malachite, turquoise or garnet. &Nbsp;

Earrings must be suitable to the shape of your face electedboundary. If a person has a broad, rounded, then the best choice would be a small oblong earrings, a narrow little face visually « expand » convex round earrings. Product round shape also help to divert attention from too « elongated » facial oval. The owner of the right features can be easily extended to giveearrings.  

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity has long loved to decorate their bodies made of precious metals, leather, colors and fabrics, thus emphasizing the beauty, which they generously gave Mother Nature. Modern girls like jewelry or slightly less than their progenitor, etc.oetomu really be happy, having received a gift from a loved one stylish and spectacular earrings.  

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