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Have you ever thought about why some parents are on three, fouror more children, and other old has struggled for years can not conceive even one child? There is more than appropriate to talk about serious health problems (especially sexual) of one or both spouses. Statistically, about half of all couples who have difficulty conceiving a child, faced with an invisible enemy, as infertility. Bost of the reasons leading to infertility are purely subjective, psychological factors (poor diet, lack of physical activity, bad habits, and so on. d.). But there is also the likelihood of infertility at the genetic level and here, just without the help of a qualified Reproduction not do. Of course, these professionals work in leading European centers of reproduction, but it does not prevent any domestic pair turn to them for help. Benefit today examination and treatment abroad - is an objective reality, which depends on the desire and money. One of Europe's leading centers in this profile is Kinderwunschklinik in the Austrian capital Vienna. Managers and leading specialists of the clinic is Dr. Leonard Loymer, one of the most prominent in Austria and Europe, experts in the field of gynecology and artificial insemination. The clinic Loymera you can count on guaranteed:
- high-end diagnostics using leading methodologies and Equiudovaniya;
- effective, customized treatment programs;
- full support throughout the period of pregnancy;
- high, as a percentage, the effectiveness of the procedures.

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