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Center for Family Planning and Reproduction Professor Craft

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Having a baby is Navernyaka, the most anticipated event in the life of every person, every family. It's a feeling that with nothing compares, but not always, it is feasible. The fact that such a natural and pleasant process of lovemaking, which leads to a natural conception kid nowadays does not guarantee success. A huge number of pairs of dataand trying to conceive a child, but a positive result there is not expected. In this case, we are talking about such a widespread problem in our time or illness, such as infertility. Statistically, there are about 20% of couples are experiencing similar problems, both on the part of one spouse (the failure of man's sperm or egg cells inwomen), or in combination, that is at the same time both partners. In this case, waiting to help thousands of light feeling of parenthood come methods of reproductive medicine. In this sector, one of the leading hospitals in Europe and is a professor of reproductive medicine shop. In fact, it is not just the clinic, and the whole of their network in Europe,uniting more than 100 highly skilled professionals under the common origin of Professor Herbert Guild, which is considered one of the pioneers and creators of the Austrian Reproductive Medicine, as an industry. The clinics involved Workshops most modern and advanced equipment for practical procedures (IVF, ICSI, IMSI, pix, hatching) and diagnosticsand the condition of the body before and after manipulation (ultrasound, embryoscopy, vitrification, the selection of blastocysts).

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