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Fertility Center Dr. Gagshtaygera in Stuttgart

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Children - flowers of life. It is known inworldwide phrase from the story of Maxim Gorky know everything and it is difficult to argue. In fact, a child - it's the same flower that brings the same amount of light and joy to their parents, how much and worries. The appearance of each young and not very new family, the little man - this is the beginning of a new life, in which he was given the central key role. Kazhdy normal person once feel the joy of parenthood, will never forget it and with nothing compares. Nevertheless, in our albeit modern, comfortable and this advanced world, not all families can experience such joy. Infertility problems, inability to conceive and bear fruit every year mow dozens or even hundreds of thousands of Supraship we pairs worldwide. The reasons for this, both genetic and objective - lifestyle and nutrition. Restore the lost function or to carry out the conception by artificial means is possible on the basis of Reproductive Medicine Clinic in Stuttgart, Germany. Currently headed by one of the leading German and international experts in this field - defended their doctoralFriedrich Gagshtayger p. During his more than 25-year career in medicine, he became a prominent expert in the field of reproduction, which is confirmed by repeated awards of the highest rank. The main highlight of the center is the technique used in vitro fertilization (IVF). In addition to her as the basic techniques are also other additionals (auxiliary) techniques, such as IMSI, pix, hatching, cryopreservation, and so on. d.

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