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Knowledge of English in today's mJireh is not just a good habit or a sign of a good education. Today, it is a vital necessity, which is dictated by the conditions of life of the world. Internet has made a real breakthrough in terms of interaction and communication between people all over the world, in fact destroying the visible borders. This state of affairs obliges tofinding ways of understanding, since, in practice, citizens have to cooperate very different nations, cultures, language families. Naturally, most of the interaction is screwed English, and this despite the fact that it is not the most abundant in the number of carriers in the world (on the trailing Gen.azatelyu Chinese and Spanish). He is the key at the official level in the field of science, education, economy, etc. Also today, it is critical for a successful career. Many of the English language is given quite difficult not only because of the complexity of the language itself, but also due to improper, monotone constructing the learning process.To resolve the issue fundamentally possible in school Native English School:. Here each session - a fascinating, improvised process that will achieve the desired results within a short period of time. Classes at the school are characterized by flexible, more comprehensive approach to each student. Furthermore, the absolute bolshinstteachers in Native English School - a physical media of the English language, which allows us to estimate the real diversity of language in its practical application.

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