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The organization of many workflows simply can not dowithout competent selection of special clothing. Moreover, even if the work does not provide for mandatory requirements in overalls, that it will allow to stand in and create a positive image for the company. It does not matter what your company does, in principle. Appearance of its employees always important.

Exedlozhenie Ivanovo makes the company « KRONOS & raquo ;. Her team has gathered in its catalog are many varieties of special clothing and uniforms. In addition to standard medical costumes that you can see the address, the store offers clothing for workers with a wide variety of areas.

For convenience pokuPatel catalog of proposals made by a number of criteria. You can choose the type of uniform fabrics, in terms of protection from active media or a temperature of at most varieties of clothing. Furthermore, the store and a large variety of proposed shoe, which often becomes an issue. After all, have a comfortable uniform, it's nice, but worn during workcomfortable shoes – this is a must.

The Company « KRONOS » offers products from the best domestic and foreign producers. In the world of uniforms have their leaders, and you can get access to their suggestions. Moreover, if necessary, you can order prints on the uniform – logoAsha company or its motto will look great and make your team recognizable.

Shop works in retail and wholesale orders. His team understands that the purchase may initiate CEO for a large team, or the employee – if it gets messed up or wear uniforms. The store glads all ready to help everyone and his visitor. Come, order and wear the uniform of the best available.

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