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Medical tourism in Germany

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Each of the peoples of the world has its own some CCAbennymi features of a general nature, that is the mentality. For example, Ukrainians are known for their sincerity and hospitality of the Italians - their hot temper, and the Germans - its thoroughness, thanks to which, the German economy is one of the most stable in the world. Moreover, it should be noted that this applies to all spheres pedantryeconomy and social activities, including medicine. This allows you to make significant progress in the quality of medical services. In addition, we should not forget that the provision of medical care - it is a complex process, which consists of several major components:

  • QUALIFICATIONSpecifications doctors. In this respect, Germany in general is one of the world leaders, as here created some of the most optimal conditions for high-quality training of medical personnel. Widespread large university medical complex has a continuous connection between the theoretical and practical knowledge bases;
  • The technological equipment of a medical institution. Here Germanium also not graze the rear, as they say, because the clinics are constantly updating its fleet of equipment to meet the most modern requirements and possibilities of diagnosis and treatment;
  • State and munipal politics in the medical field. Unlike, say, the same Ukraine or Russia, a system of medicine is based on the insurance principle, doctors get a solid salary, everything is transparent, and thus avoids excessive, unnecessary red tape and lack of understanding between doctor and patient, so that the pall in our reality.

From all the above, it is not surprising that in Germany, a common form of tourism, as medical. Simply put, people say, the same Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian and so on. E., Sent to Germany on holiday. But this trip can be accompanied by various moments, typical tourist trip (NAPExample, excursions), but basically it is intended for targeted medical examination and, if necessary, high-quality and comprehensive health care (rehabilitation or). Clinics in Germany have a sufficiently broad specialization and allow for high-quality, and often unique, medical care in the region kardiologii, oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, and so on. d.

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