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German Center for Family Planning VIVANEO

January 07 2015

In the life of every person, every family is the most anticipated, wonderful and exciting time is the birth of a child. Harkvstvo Parenthood - is one of the strongest and most memorable in my life. But, unfortunately, not all couples are able to feel it for objective reasons. According to statistics, about 20% of couples suffer from infertility of one or both partners. Sometimes the cause of infertility can serve unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition, which turns out toAET negative impact on the performance of germ cells and the overall functioning of the reproductive system. These problems are fixable. But there is also a certain percentage of cases in which the problem of infertility are genetic and medical pronounced character. In these cases, require high-quality therapy and, most often, the methods of the artnnogo fertilization. Especially great experience and reputation in this field has German VIVANEO. This structure consists of several clinical centers, which are located in major metropolitan areas in Germany (Berlin, Wiesbaden, D?sseldorf) as well as the branch in the Netherlands (Leiderdorp). A network of modern clinics in every sense, both in terms of waspsnaschennosti, and in terms of training and working with patients. For 18 years the Center for Reproduction and planning, the joy of parenthood has felt more than 10 thousand couples suffering from infertility. About the success of the clinic also said diagnostic and practical techniques to eliminate infertility (IVF, ICSI, pix, etc. N.).

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