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Trends of wedding dresses in 2015

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The designers presented their new collection of wedding dresses 2015, so we can talk about the main trendsBarrier-in fashion. The main feature of the wedding dress is one memorable piece, which gives the entire garment special charm and originality.

The main fashion trends in 2015:

1. Jacket-cut dress is fairly universal, because the girl is suitable for everybodyam. This outfit creates an image of « Urban Bride & raquo ;. About rigor sewing shirts nobody says, because it blends in well with the lace, as well as with a fluffy skirt.

2. Wedding short dress perfectly accentuate the bride's beautiful long legs. It can be decorated with rhinestones, or use other elementsdecoration. Only the brave girl will feel comfortable in such clothes.

3. The variety of color palettes. Now a traditional white color does not take the lead, because to create a unique look you need to move away from the canons. In 2015, special attention should be paid to such colors as loing, blue and off-pink. Matte fabrics are very popular.

4. Original neckline will always be in fashion, it is possible to use an additional decoration in the chest to emphasize the romantic and elegant image of the bride.

5. Cape on wedding clothes TerminatedCHO completes a complete image of the young, as well as create a puzzle and become a kind of « twist » whole outfit.

6. Open back will never go out of fashion. She makes a Woman sexy and elegant at the same time. Elements of decoration also deserve a special place in the fashion trends in 2015.

7. Long sleeve wedding dress is a kind of return to the traditional rules. More women of the Middle Ages wore dresses with long sleeves for all holidays. Today, they can be decorated with beads or create a fabulous lace. The bride in a dress reminiscent of a modest girl, but also captivates withvoey femininity.

8. White dress in the style of minimalism can be supplemented or long flowing hair carefully collected hairstyles. This bride will radiate lightness and refinement.

9. Pretty original decision was “ two lengths & rdquo ;, is emphasizinga girl's waist.

Based on the main trends in fashion in 2015, we can safely go shopping its original dresses for the wedding day. Buy wedding dress in Dnepropetrovsk now will not take much time and effort when you know exactly which model you want to buy.

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