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What is a colored contact lens

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Millions of people in the world, regardless of their level of development, have eye problems (although logical considerationsAgen, a more developed society, due to widespread use of digital technology should experience them more often). The most frequent reason for seeking an ophthalmologist are problems with focusing the image, visual acuity (farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism). For the correction of these pathologies of view, that is, the return of a person possibleof adequately perceive the information, various forms of optical elements - lenses. The most famous of their shapes are points, well, the most progressive - contact lenses. This transparent optical lenses or silicone-based hydrogel polymers which put directly on the mucous membrane of the eye. Wearing lenses IS THE topical and popular among young people. This is explained not only by their functional characteristics, but also the direct influence on the image, image, style, that in our time can play an even greater role than health care. Imperceptible to the eye lens - a great alternative to glasses, which are visible from afar and about fundamentally changingBrazil and the general perception. However, there are a number of contact lenses, which are used to create it a certain way, to put it simply - to change eye color. for a fundamental change of eye color or create a certain shade of iris start at 200,000 rubles. This type of lenses can be further divided into two basic subtypes in hThe dependence of the created with the help of their effect:

  • color corrective lenses are used to correct the color of the iris, or change its color;
  • fancy colored lenses, which have application in a certain pattern, which is used tobuilding or strengthening of a common image.
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