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Chronic pharyngitis and its form

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Everyone in my life in varying degrees, been exposed to diseasesnasal mucous membranes. Each of us has known since childhood such discomfort, pain in the throat when swallowing, redness and inflammation of the mucosa and lymphoid tissue (glands), the characteristic scratchy and dry lingering cough. All these symptoms alone are related to various colds and infectious states, but toomplex may indicate the development of such diseases as pharyngitis. As a rule, the cause of pharyngitis are fairly common factors, such as inhalation of hot or cold air, which is also full of dirty suspended particles. If the initial (acute) form pharyngitis is not treated, it can regularitiesbut become chronic. Also, possible development of chronic pharyngitis and acute stage bypassing, if there is prolonged irritation of the mucous tissue of the nasopharynx. Depending on the stage of development, chronic pharyngitis is catarrhal (redness shells, dry cough), hypertrophic (development of lymphatic folliclesin the inner surface of the mucosa and glands), atrophic (violation of gag reflex, dry mucous secretion).

atrophic pharyngitis

is probably the most complex form of the disease. It can develop as a result of insufficient attention to beforeyduschih stages, and as an independent disease, fight which is not as easy as it seems. First, you must understand clearly that such common (national) methods of treatment of diseases of the throat, as a hot meal, including water, tea, milk, steam inhalation is strictly forbidden, because it was originally one of the causespossible development of pharyngitis. In fact, should be excluded from the diet all aggressive volatiles type pepper, spices and the like. P., On the contrary, ensure sufficient wetting mucosa, including through an oil. Since atrophic pharyngitis, like any other chronic disease passes periods of exacerbation and remission, theessential to his treatment is relief of acute conditions. The recommended daily rinsing inflamed areas of the mucous sodium chloride, iodine, Lugol. Sufficiently effective methods are oil inhalation, as well as reception of potassium iodide.

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