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Vitamin complex Biotin for hair strengthening

January 09 2015

Our body is quite complex and interconnected system in which each cell depends on theWork neighbor. Any failures, changes in the body are immediately reflected on the state of the most vulnerable parts of the body outside - on the skin and hair. It is, moreover, those areas that play a huge role in the creation of a common effective image (especially significantly in terms of women). Internal diseases, poor nutrition, lack of exercise wLife Span (or too mobile) - these are the terms that are constantly on the lips of everyone living on our planet, because we are all somehow related to each other. Such deviations from the norm will certainly affect the hair, because they are deprived of certain internal barrier protection. Restore such a barrier function, and comebe hair freshness, a new breath, you can, adjusting the vitamin balance. In terms of the protective function, hair, as well, and for the skin, essential B vitamins are a group of vitamins This saturates the body with the necessary components, including, of course, the number and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates. Replenish vitamins can of food, and even then not all. Excellent output in this case will be. This substance, which is produced by the human body, but in insufficient quantity for the daily requirement. Chemically, biotin vitamin B7 represents H or, in water-soluble form. In addition, biotin contains a certain amount of sulfur, the catoraya in turn is a connecting component of collagen, which directly affects the elasticity of tissues. Preparations based on biotin widely used in the treatment of diseases of the skin, nails and hair. In addition, biotin takes   directly involved in the metabolism of glucose, hemoglobin genesis. It is quite a strong effect on samochuvstvie, the activity of the organism and the general mood. The need to focus on any particular food is no longer in the case of the use of special nutritional food supplements based on biotin (actually, they are called Biotin). In addition to biotin in them are also other B vitamins, as well as with organicConnections, flavonoids, etc. - All of which are essential to normalize and strengthen the hair.

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