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How to choose a face mask?

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Face Masks – an indispensable component of proper care sand skin, which is on a par with nourishing creams and serums. She deliberately solves the problems inherent in different type and age the skin. But how to choose the one that would be right for you?

Do not rush to buy face masks, starting only from their own skin type. Mask – etc.multifunctional product itself and is intended to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously. First, determine individual needs of the skin, and then proceed to search. If you're buying for you plays an important role price of the product, in many trading platforms on the Internet filters installed at a cost that will help buy inexpensive means.

According to distinguish the texture of the mask film, cream and cloth masks. The mask film narrows enlarged pores, matting skin and releases it from dead particles. It is suitable for oily skin prone to excessive sebum. Cream mask moisturizes the skin and easy to use, since it does not require flushingof water. Tissue Mask – rejuvenating and revitalizing. It works fine, as with the first, and with deep wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and swelling. Any of these masks can be found on board classified ads Tangle link.

According to the type she is cleaning –   eliminates gryaz, dust and the stratum corneum of the skin. Nourishing Mask perfectly nourishes the skin with moisture, as well as moisturizing, it is able to reach the deeper layers of the epidermis and normalize the level of humidity even the driest skin. Help dull and pigmented skin whitening can that lightens spots and freckles. For oily skin is a narrowing of pores orMatting mask.

One of the most effective anti-aging is the oxygen mask – by carbon dioxide formed by mixing the ingredients is oxygenated skin and releases its own collagen. Carefully study the photo, description and recommendations for the use of such masks to avoidprevent allergies and other side effects.

The cost varies depending on the popularity of the brand manufacturer and productivity tools. Save money on buying a mask can be turned to the proposals for the sale / used products. Enhanced Catalog ads to help determine tangles with the requiredmask and buy it at a bargain price. Delivery is made in Ukraine.

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