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Modern medicine uses Confirmationtary methods of treatment and prevention of various diseases and disease states. Most often, these techniques are based on the use of the achievements of pharmacology, or, more simply, tablets, solutions, medicines, etc. However, at the beginning of its development, at times referred to documents, there were no pills, no pills, no analgesicx injections. But people managed to treat fairly complex disease, with special medical practices, the most ancient and effective of which is massage. This practice has not lost its popularity in our time, on the contrary, with a much higher popularity and status change from a purely therapeutic or prophylactic to one of themethods of cosmetic procedures, so widely practiced in the private and collectively. However, one should clearly distinguish between two basic types of massage:

  • classic - the most widespread and common form of massage that aims to overall strengthening and relaxation of the body;
  • Medical - targeted therapeutic and preventive massage, the aim of which is to eliminate, prevent or rehabilitation of specific diseases.

The most common therapeutic massage techniques are used in the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, foodprovisional, nervous systems, the problems of the musculoskeletal system. By the way, in Moscow quality can go to the diagnostic center at Vernadsky. At therapeutic massage masseur actions aimed at stimulating specific receptors, and through their influence on the muscles, blood vessels, organs.

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