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Man throughout its history, except for practical etc.ce to ensure their own needs, always engaged in applied and decorative activity or, in modern terms - had a certain hobby. The oldest and most colorful of all kinds of applied studies is undoubtedly embroidery. Its roots far in the primitive times, when it was more practicalesky subtext, but eventually became used as a decorative element in the design of clothing or articles of fabric. It has a number of techniques, the most popular of which, of course, is the technique of cross-stitch. Special richness of colors and stylistic norms has embroidery of the Middle Ages, and modern but not much to her shoulderflushes. Note also that each nation has its own some, features and technology implementation of cross-stitch. By the way, you can buy kits to shop needlework and embroidery Stitchshop. At the present stage of development, as a base to create the pattern used mesh fabric or canvas. This greatly simplifies Segmenttation pattern and creating the right crosses. Apart from the actual fabric, canvas and can act as some kind of template (for example, an invoice or a water-soluble) for embroidery on fabrics that are structurally not have a uniform binding threads. At the moment there are many techniques of embroidery cross, of which about twelvegained the most popularity: a simple cross, half-cross, elongated, Slavic, Leviathan, asterisk, Italian, rice and others. Methodically, embroidery cross may be the color (incremental, continuous embroidery elements of the same color) or private (embroidery in a number of different colors) schemes.

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