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What is hosting

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In today's world of internet plays a key role in the struggle for infor-tion and minds of humanity. Such an effect is possible thanks to the infinite possibilities that are opened in this virtual environment. Internet - a great tool for advertising, promoting their own ideas, thoughts, business, distribution of necessary information. He has broad capabilities and does not have the limitations that are inherent in traditsionnym media (television, radio, print), chief among which is the limit of airtime. In fact, the Internet combines all these types of media, but to translate this information into a network, you need certain equipment and trained the software, which, in turn, giveso hosting providers. To date, a lot of them. For example, in Ukraine, the company offers Bitte. Among the known world hosting providers can be distinguished: Bluehost, Dreamhost, GoDaddy, Hetzner, HostGator, HostMonster.

All information of any average internet sites on the physicalskom or virtual server, but for its dissemination, access to it is necessary to organize the network infrastructure. These things happen in specially equipped server that have permanent access to the network and provide space and access to its users. In fact, the process of providing access to a place on the server,and hence computing power and called hosting. This range of services to ensure the smooth functioning of the site in the network. It includes, as a rule:

  • placing the file structure of the site and run the software that supports its work;
  • allocating space for almostO services, databases, file storage, DNS;
  • support the work of relevant support services.
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