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Contact lenses for vision correction

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The human body is one of the greatest toadvanced study of the evolutionary process. This is a complex system that consists of many complex in structure and function of organs and systems that are in a constant relationship. Work the whole body depends both on internal factors, ie the work of all internal organs and systems, as well as from outside - that is, the influence of the environment, whichperceived processed and transferred in a specific reactive plane through touch systems. Their body a few, but most important, of course, is the visual system, or simply sight. This situation occurs because by the visual system we get up to 80% of all information about the outside world. Naturally, nWhen such a load eyes are exposed to various congenital and acquired diseases and disorders. The most common diseases that lead to loss of clarity, visual acuity - farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism. For their correction person uses optical devices such as glasses, lenses that contain the necessary forms. Btoday's involvement in the world of style and fashion, glasses often appear as an extra element in the image. Correct this misunderstanding, but it does not sacrifice can be corrected using contact lenses. By the way, can the online store LinzContact. This thin transparent optical lenses that are worn directly on the eye. Thus, theyare invisible to others, but the effectiveness of corrective vision. Classify lenses on several criteria, such as:

  • material (hydrogel or silicone);
  • hardness (soft, hard);
  • mode use (daily, long-termOn wear, continuous wear);
  • shape (spherical, toric, multifocal);
  • transparent (clear, colored, decorative).
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