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What are the army statutory ankle boots

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The man throughout his history is war. The reasons for such actions are committedpermanently different from national, religious, ideological hostility or even hatred, to solve practical problems, for example, the issue of access to certain resources (often - oil). Whatever the time, but combat operations are conducted in the backbone of its organized military units - the regular army. This approach allows resew several important tasks, including the quality of warfare, and material support soldiers. The latter criterion should be the base because of the quality and functionality of the equipment depends on the freedom and comfort in the conduct of hostilities in different weather and geographical conditions. One of the main elements of any equipovki soldier in any army in the world are combat boots or ankle boots in simple terms. By the way, buy military charter you can store Voentorg. Ankle boots - it's pretty diverse in design, but basically similar and basic footwear in the power structures, and especially in the army. Because the statute army presupposes standards throughout, the holeswe statutes apply to shoes. This is done in order to take into account the specific conditions of use which has to be a soldier and perform their duty. The shape and material of which are made ankle boots must meet high standards of safety and reliability. Protector should protect the foot from hitting the ground andbespechivaet secure grip. Materials should provide protection from water and dirt and keep the foot during movement.

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